What is psychology behavior? Behavioral Psychology

What is psychological behavior?| Behavioral Psychology

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to discuss about psychological behavior. So, Let's start.
What is psychology behavior? Behavioral Psychology
What is psychology behavior? Behavioral Psychology

What is psychology?

First, let's know actually what is psychology. Psychology means the scientific study of sense and manners. Psychology is various kinds of discipline which includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, games and sports, health and fitness, social behavior, and cognitional functions.

What is  psychology behavior?

Already we are known about psychology. Now, we gonna know about behavioral psychology. If I define behavioral psychology, it means the study of the connection between our behavior and minds.
This concept of psychology exploited thought heavily throughout the middle of the 20th century. Now the concept of behavioral psychology isn't as popular as it was. But nevertheless, it is used quite a bit today by some people. 
Though behavioral psychology is such an important thing, many of us don't like to do it. But if we use behavioral psychology, we can predict how people will behave. Also, we will be able to build better habits as individuals and create better products as companies. For this, we can develop better living spaces as communities.

The derivation of behavioral psychology 

The deraivation of behavioral psychology started in 1913 by Jhon B. Watson. He is called the founder of behaviorism. He told that psychologists should focus on the behavior that can be observed. Jhon B. Watson also told, 
Behaviorists believe that if you take 20 childrens and raise them in a specified environment, you could turn them into adults with the behaviors of your choosing. 
Jhon B. Watson
From his statement we can understand that, if a person trained behaviour any child, the child will behave like he was trained by the trainer. If the trainer trained him good manner, he will do this. On the other hand, if the trainer trained him any bad thing, he will do this.
I think that you can understand the basic concept of psychology behavior.
Thanks for reading.

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