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The Liberation War of Bangladesh Paragraph.

The Liberation War of Bangladesh paragraph.

The Liberation War of Bangladesh Paragraph.
The Liberation War of Bangladesh Paragraph.
Bangladesh is an independent country. But once it was not an independent country. The people of Bangladesh did not have liberty and sovereignty. In 1947, This area was divided into two countries. One was India and the other was Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan was divided into two parts. One was East Pakistan and the another was west Pakistan. Our Bangladesh's name was East Pakistan and we were ruled by West Pakistan. They not only ruled us but also used to persecute us. They smuggled our products and wealth from our country. We were deprived of all kinds of facilities and our proper rights. We wanted to be free from them and their torture. But there was not any leader who can protest against them. In the meantime, the great leader of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman protested against them and he was the dreamer of our independence. We have gotten our independence in his efforts and his leadership. So, Bangabandhu is called the father of the nation of Bangladesh. On 7th March 1971, he used to declare a speech in the national assembly standing in front of about 1 million people. In this speech, indirectly he declared our independence, but he declared our independence directly on the first hour 26 March in 1971. He suggested that Banglali fight combat against the Pakistani army. After hearing the declaration of independence, Patriotism rosed in the Bangladeshi people. First, they started to fight against the Pakistani army without any kind of arm. But after some days they started to take training from India and fought bravely against the Pakistani army in combat. Some so many collaborators didn't support the liberation war through they were Bangles. They used to show the way to the Pakistani army and helped them. However, the freedom fighter's fought for 9 months against the Pakistani army. After 9 months later, on 16th December 1971, finally, we have gotten our victory. Pakistan lost the war and they surrendered. The victory of our country didn't come just like that. We have gotten it in exchange for the lives of 3 million people. They were very respectable people for us. For them, now we are the citizen of an independent country. They are called the best children of the Bengali nation. We got the national flag, national anthem, and an independent country only for them. So, we should tribute them. To show homage to them we go to the memorial barefoot and also pray to Allah for them.

About Liberation War of Bangladesh, at a glance-

1) Bangladesh is an independent country.
2) It got its independence in 1971 by the liberation war.
3) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the father of the nation of Bangladesh.
4) Almost 3 million people lost their lives in the liberation war.
5) India helped us to gain our independence.
6) Freedom fighters fought bravely against the Pakistani army.
7) They are very respectable for us.
8) India and Pakistan got their independence in 1947.
9) Bangladesh is now an independent country.
10) Bangladesh is now a developing country.
Bangladesh is an independent country. After the war, Bangladesh was a poor country. But now Bangladesh is a developing country. We all have to try our best to bring prosperity to our country. (Longlive our Bangladesh)-Amin.

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