International mother language day paragraph

 Paragraph: International mother language day.

A paragraph on international mother language day, International mother language day paragraph for classes six, seven, eight, nine,ssc, and hsc. International mother language day paragraph is so much important for the exam as well as a Bangali we all have to keep a basic knowledge about international mother language day. The paragraph is written by me with the help of the English for Today Class:9-10 textbook. The paragraph is given below.
International mother language day paragraph
International mother language day paragraph

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21 February, international mother language day, is a memorable day in our national history. We observe the day every year with humble respect. The day is a national holiday. On this day, we pay tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives to establish Bangla as a state language in undivided Pakistan in 1952. We had to struggle much to establish Bangla as our state language. The struggle is known as the language movement. The seed of the language movement was sown on 21 March 1948 when Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Governor-General of Pakistan, proclaimed in a public meeting in Dhaka that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan. After the declaration, a storm of protest was created in the eastern part of the country. The protest continued non-stop, gathering momentum day by day. This protest turned into a movement and reached its climax in 1952. For this reason, the government outlawed all kinds of public meetings and rallies. But the students of Dhaka University defied the law and brought out a peaceful protest procession on 21 February 1952. When the procession reached Dhaka Medical College, the police opened fire on the students, killing Rafiq, Salam, Jabbar, Barkat, and Safiur. As a result, there were mass protests all over the country and the government had to declare Bangla as a state language. This kindled the speaks of the independence movement of Bangladesh. 21 February is observed as Shaheed Dibosh every year throughout the country in remembrance of the martyrs of the language movement of 1952. The commemoration begins at the early hours of the day with mourning songs like " Amar vaiyer rokte rangano ekushe February, ami ki vulite pari". It recalls the supreme sacrifices of our language martyrs. People wear black badges and go to the Shaheed Minar in barefoot processions singing mourning songs. They place wreaths to the Minar. Many of them visit the graves of the martyrs at the Azimpur graveyard and pay tribute. People also pray for them. People also attend various programs organized in remembrance of the language martyrs. The UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) proclaimed 21 February as The International Mother Language Day on 17 November in 1999 as the recognition of the sacrifices of the language martyrs. UNESCO proclaimed it by the efforts of Rafiqul Islam, Abdus Salam, and the Bangladesh government. The day is annually observed worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. So we should observe the day from our heart.

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