A railway station paragraph

A railway station paragraph | A paragraph on a railway station.

A railway station paragraph
A railway station paragraph


  • What is a railway station?
  • What do passengers do in the railway station?
  • How do the passengers collect their tickets?
  • How is the building of a railway station?
  • What type of people are generally found in a railway station?
  • What things are found here?
  • How do passengers feel in a railway station?
  • What role does it play in our daily life?

A railway station paragraph

A place where trains stop at and start from is called a railway station. It is a very common and crowded place. A railway station is called part and parcel of rail communication. People of all walks of life and all ages are seen here. Passengers come and go and move from one place to another by train. Coolies carry some passenger's goods with luggage on their heads. Some passengers are also busy buying tickets. They collect their ticket from the ticket counter. The building of a railway station is brick-build. It is generally painted red and it has a very antique look. The gates of the railway station are made with iron. There is a control room where all the trains are controlled. There is also some restroom where passengers take rest and wait for the train. There are various kinds of people found in a station. Mainly passengers found in a station. Hawkers, beggers, helpless, homeless, businessmen, etc people are also seen in a railway station. Hawkers and businessmen sell products to the passengers and manage his life. There are also bookstalls, restaurants, stationery shops, etc found in a railway station. The whistle of the train, people, and the sound of engines makes a station very crowded. Many people take it in general but many take it with annoyance. A railway station plays an important role in our daily life. Rail travel is safe and risk-free. So many people love to do that. As it is very important, so the railway station and trains play an important role in our daily life.

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