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Dengue fever dialogue

A dialogue between two friends about Dengue fever| Dengue fever dialogue| Dialogue dengue fever for class 06, class 07, class 08, class 09, SSC, HSC. 

Dengue fever dialogue
Dengue fever dialogue
Mahi: Assalamuyalaikum, Prottoy

Prottoy: Walaikumsalam. How do you do?

Mahi: Alhamdulillah fine. What about you?

Prottoy: So far so good. 

Mahi: You are looking worried. Is there any reason?

Prottoy:: Actually there is not any exact reason. I am so much worried about ongoing dengue fever.

Mahi: By the way, it is a matter of great concern. Because people are being affected. 

Prottoy: Yes, you are right. Many people also died. 

Mahi: Since it is an ongoing condition, we can discuss it. can't we?

Prottoy:: Obviously. It will be very helpful to us.

Mahi: Yes. So, let's start.

Prottoy: Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease caused by viruses. Mosquitoes bear the viruses and infect the human body.

Mahi: Yes. You are right. The main cause for Dengue fever is female Aedes mosquitos and these Aedes mosquitos bear the viruses of Dengue fever. Do you know when they bit people?

Prottoy: I have no idea about it. But I think that it may be at night.

Mahi: No, my dear friend. They usually bit people in the morning and evening.

Prottoy:: Interesting!

Mahi: Yes. Do you know the solution to it?

Prottoy: There is a proverb, 'Prevention is better than cure. So we should try to prevent it.

Mahi: How can we prevent?

Prottoy: Well. We need to keep our surroundings clean and you know that Aedes mosquitos lay their egg on water which is more than 3 months. So, we have to be conscious about it. Please tell me why should we do it If anyone is infected.

Mahi: The infected person should have drunk enough water, use a mosquito net, eat fruits and never take any medicine without paracetamol for dengue fever.

Prottoy: If the patient's condition becomes serious, what should we do?

Mahi: We must have to admit him to the hospital if the patient's condition becomes serious. What do you think?

Prottoy: I think so too.

Mahi: That's good. Thanks for the discussion. 

Prottoy: You are most welcome. Stay good.

Mahi: You too. bye.

Prottoy: Bye.

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  1. What an incredible article it is that I have seen above! The dialogue is full of information about Dangue fever and also a appropriate conversation which a SSC batch student can write, get enough number what want to point. That's really outstanding. God bless the person who write the dialogue. Go ahead and aslo publish more articles for human welfare. Wish you live long 🤲🏻💕💝💖👌🏻

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