The importance of learning English paragraph

The importance of learning English Paragraph.

The importance of learning English paragraph.
The importance of learning English paragraphs.


What is English? (1)

 Why English is called an international language? (2)

 Why do we learn English? (3)

 What do you think about the necessity of learning English? (4)

How can you learn better English for communication? (5)

How does your English book help you to learn English? (6)

How does English help to get a good job? (7)

Importance of learning English.

English is an international language. The language English is used all over the world for proper communication. So it is called an international language. There are 195 independent countries in the world. Almost all countries have their own language. If all people in the world use their own language one can’t understand another’s country’s language. So, English has become an international language. People all over the country use this language. English has been being used for international communication in many countries for centuries. In order to keep pace with the present world, we must have to learn English. Basically, we learn English to communicate with foreign countries and international organizations. On the other hand, in order to have an access to the latest knowledge and research, we learn this language. In higher education, almost all books are written in English. So, to build up our smart career the necessity of learning English is the most. There are two kinds of English. One is grammatical English and the another is communicative English. By communicative English, we can communicate with others but for better communication and better writing, we have to learn grammatical English. So, we should learn the grammatical rules very carefully. Without learning grammar, it is possible to communicate but not possible to have a good command of English. To learn English is not so difficult, by practicing more and more we will be able to speak fluent English. We can try to communicate in English with our friends, discuss and so on. In this way, we can learn better English. Our present English book which is based on communicative purposes is very helpful for learning English. It introduces us to the communicative functions of English and helps us use it in our practical life. A person who has a good command of English is highly valued in the job market. He doesn’t have any luck with any jobs. So, to get a good job and to keep better communication with all we must have to learn English.

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Importance of learning English at a glance:

English is an international language. It is involved with our daily lives. People can’t live alone. So, always he has to take help from another. So, if we don’t know English we can’t get help from foreigners and other people. So, to keep in contact with the world English is a must. Some importance of learning English is mentioned below:

1)    Communicate with foreign countries and international organizations.

2)    Have an access to the latest knowledge research.

3)    For higher education. Because almost all books in higher education are written in English.

4)    To be a smart person.

5)    To get a good job etc.

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